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In a planet far outside of our solar system, there  were kids who suddenly started eating healthy vegetables instead of wonderful hamburgers which we also have in earth. In return, Hamburger shops in this planet have gone mad because of that and started attacking the kids there. They prepared terrible Hamburgers for the kids, which in turn change the kids into hamburger monsters if they hit them.

You are a kid from earth who decides to help them. Luckly you find a portal in earth which will carry you to this planet in three seconds. 

Your mission as you land in this planet is to collect all crystals and carrots at start. Crystals will give you power and carrots give you health for your mission. 

You should be very very careful and watch out the traps like hamburgers falling from sky or hammers trying to squeeze you. 

After you collect all crystals and carrots, you can get a very friendly and powerful flying robot which can fly you high in the air and fire on whatever you target. 

With this friendly and powerful robot you should then destruct the crazy hamburger shops and then target and recover the hamburger-monsters who were once kids like you. 

Hope you will have success.

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